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TXESS Workshops

The complete professional development program comprised four different 2.5-day professional development academies (PDAs) taken over a two-year period and optional two-week summer institutes. In addition, we have included short training sessions delivered by content experts on specific topics before regularly scheduled PDAs. Examples are Google Earth workshops and GLOBE training.  Below is a list the PDA and summer institute themes.

PDA 1. Poking Holes into the Planet

Drilling provides an excellent source of data looking back in geologic time.  Big science requires team work. Examples from IODP, Andrill and hydrocarbon exploration

PDA 2. Earth Outside In

Plate tectonics and seismology

PDA 3. The Water Planet

Earth is the water planet (focus on hydrology)

PDA 4. Extremes (Events/ Environments)

Geohazards, K-T Boundary, mid-ocean ridge hydrothermal vents (Ridge 2K/GLOBE FLEXE)

PDA 5. Earth, the Habitable Planet

Planetary bodies and our solar system, Earth-sun magnetism, the positive role of volcanoes, corals as environmental indicators

PDA 6. Time

Fundamental geologic principles (stratigraphy), relative and absolute time, radiometric dating, paleomagnetism, geologic time scale

PDA 7. Earth’s Climate System

EarthLabs Earth System Science module, documenting paleoclimate, climate and civilization.

PDA 8. Humans at the Helm

Population and sustainability, energy and water resources

Summer Institutes

1) Field Techniques
2) EarthLabs Cryosphere
3) Earth Science By Design
4) Energy, Climate, Water Nexus
5) Petroleum Science and Technology Institute
6) Climate Literacy and Water Exploration