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TXESS Revolution - Leading the Nation

The TeXas (TXESS) Revolution is dedicated to increasing diversity in the geosciences by providing high quality professional development and educational resources to minority and minority-serving science teachers who teach Earth and Space Science to middle and high school students.  The activities are appropriate for many earth and environmental courses including Texas courses titled: Aquatic Science, Environmental Science, Environmental Systems and AP Environmental Science, and Earth and Space Science, a capstone course that serves as an option to fulfill the fourth year of science under Texas’ recommended graduation plan.

Through our professional development activities and the curriculum resources that reside on this site, we aim to ensure that teachers are (a) knowledgeable about the most current Earth science content; (b) equipped with the range of skills required to be able to guide their students to retrieve and use authentic data, and web-based visualization and mapping tools in productive learning; and (c) aware of new pedagogical approaches especially well suited for teaching Earth science.

The TXESS Revolution, in partnership with the Texas Regional Collaboratives for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching, has trained over 175 educators who directly reach over 21,000 Texas students, of which 69% are minorities.

TXESS Revolution teachers have shared what they have learned in the PDAs with over 5000 other teachers through project-related outreach. TXESS Revolution teacher leaders will continue to offer Earth science professional development across the state at regional workshops and district staff development workshops.

Please contact Kathy Ellins ( if your school district is interested in TXESS Revolution professional development.