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Profiles of Teacher Leaders

Michael Arratia Science has always been a favorite subject for me since I was in elementary school. Chemistry and physics are my favorite topics. I hope that Geology will also be a favorite. Read more>>

Hilda Borrego

Michael Brunt I can never, even in a million life times, satisfactorily express my gratitude to Kathy Ellins, Hilary Olson, Eleanour Snow, and the other staff, presenters, and support members who put together the Texas Earth & Space Science (TXESS) Professional Development Academy at The University of Texas in Austin. Read more >>

Priscilla Fricke

Cate Fox Lent

Jim Manley

Alison Mote

Brenda Paloski

Susana Ramirez Susana is one of forty-six teachers selected from across the nation selected for NASA's prestigious to be held at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Congratulations, Susana! Read more>>

Celina Terrones

Craig Weart "Too often we tend to present our views, knowledge, and understanding of a concept without taking into account the person/people we are trying to teach. I would like to use the facets of perspective and self-knowledge more ..." Read more>>

Judy York