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About the Activities

This web site provides a collection of learning activities that can be used to teach earth science concepts to middle and high school students.  In Texas, they are appropriate for the following science classes: Earth and Space Science, Aquatic Science, Environmental Science, Environmental Systems, AP Environmental Science, 8th Grade Science. Many activities may also be used in World Geography.

These activities are data-rich and in many cases ask students to look at real, contemporary science.  They are packaged with resources for teachers to help them learn background information, or extend the lesson.  They have suggestions about presentation and assessment.  Answers are available to registered teachers.

All the activities posted on the site have been tested, and were used in the TXESS Revolution PDAS. They evaluated by the teachers learning to use them, and by a team of researchers from The University of Texas at Tyler. Evaluation and testing was confidential. Each activity has a link to these evaluations, which may be helpful to teachers in choosing the right activity for their class.