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Who Is TXESS Revolution?


Kathy Ellins, the program manager at UTIG, is the lead principal investigator on the TXESS Revolution. Kathy specializes in Geoscience Education is active at the national and local levels in Earth science education reform. She has served on the USAC, the U.S. Science Advisory Committee to the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) and the IRIS Education Committee. She participated in the development of the new Earth Science Literacy Principles and was involved in EarthScope education and outreach planning. Kathy has a BA in Geology from Skidmoere College, a Masters in Science Education from New York University and a Ph.D. in Geography from Columbia University (LDEO).  Read more>>


Hilary Olson, a research associate at UTIG where she specialized in stratigraphic studies using seismic, core and biostratigraphic data, is a co-principal investigator.  She has a BS in Earth Sciences from the University of Notre Dame and a Ph.D. in Geology from Stanford University. Hilary's role in the TXESS (TeXas Earth and Space Science) Revolution program is in assisting with professional development in Earth and Space Science throughout the state of Texas and co-leading the Petroleum Science and Technology and Geophysical Field Techniques TXESS Revolution summer institutes.  Read more>>


Eleanour Snow is the co-principal investigator on the TXESS Revolution project and the Associate Director of GeoFORCE Texas. She taught Geology at the University level for 21 years.  Her scientific training is in mineralogy and structural geology (PhD, Brown University, 1987).  Eleanour’s role in the TXESS revolution involved the initial development of the TXESS Revolution Virtual Café, an on-line learning community for participants, which provided resources and allowed individuals to share their successes and challenges, and to log their reflections about workshop activities.