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Seismology: "S minus P" Earthquake Location Method


The purpose of this activity is to model (2) the different speeds of P and S waves as they travel from the epicenter of an earthquake; and (2) use travel times in to simulate a technique used by seismologists to locate earthquakes. This technique is called the S and P Wave Travel Time Simulation or “S minus P” Earthquake Location Method. We will use an approach that the L.W. Braile and S.J. Braile have named the Walk – Run method, in which S wave propagation is simulated by walking and P wave propagation is simulated by running. The Walk – Run method requires an “open space” of about 30 x 30 meters—a playfield or a gymnasium.


"Between Japan and now the Gulf of California (Mexico) our seismograph is rockin' and rollin'"
- Michael Brunt, TXESS Revolution Teacher, Sponsor of Eagle Pass Jr. High Seismology Club, 2011