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Planetary Bodies of our Solar System Debate

An image of the planets in our solar system. Uranus (left), Neptune (right), Earth (lower left), Sirius B (lower center), and Venus (lower right). The smaller planets and dwarf planets below, in decreasing size are Mars and Mercury, the Moon, Pluto, and Haumea. All are to scale. Note that the depiction of the white dwarf Sirius B's atmosphere is purely speculative.

This activity is based on the Great Planetary Debate, developed by Jennifer Bergman. Kathy Ellins adapted it for use in TXESS Revolution PDA 5, Earth as a Habitable Planet. You can find the activity in its original form on the Windows to the Universe website. It is one in a large collection of excellent earth science educational activities available online. If you used the adaptation provided here instead of the original, please cite as shown in the full activity section.